A Free Chautauqua

This is an institution that:

  • Respects and honors the Bible-based Christian tradition that inspired the Institution’s founding.
  • Welcomes all individuals and denominations that can live harmoniously within or alongside that tradition.
  • Encourages a genuine diversity of opinion on the social and political issues of the day.
  • Designs its programming and its faith-based activities to reflect that diversity.
  • Discourages the use of ad hominems-racist, bigot, nativist, Islamophobe, extremist-in the course of political argumentation.
  • Forswears censorship and intimidation as means of advancing a narrow political agenda.
  • Promotes cultural activities that appeal to a wide spectrum of its population.
  • Creates a welcoming environment for people of all races, classes, and political persuasions.
  • Makes significant decisions only after consulting Chautauquans.

A Free Chautauqua will mean a more open, more inclusive, more diverse, more entertaining, more harmonious, and more faithful Institution than the spiritually adrift Chautauqua we endure as of today.